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Budget Stay

Porto is not an expensive city which means there is a lot of budget hotels around. Great places to stay with a very reasonable price and amazing location in the city center.

Take a look here in our choices for budget hotels in Porto.

Casa do Conto

An amazing and stylish bed and breakfast to enjoy the city centre with hard-to-believe good value for money.

Grande Hotel de Paris

A classic hotel with a classic decoration in the heart of Porto that could be an amazing choice if you looking for a lively nightlife experience.

Hotel Boa Vista

A near the beach hotel that is perfect to enjoy the portuguese summer, have breakfast with a view of the ocean and a nice swim in an indoor swimming pool by the end of the day.

Hotel Internacional Porto

A traditional Portuguese décor and award-winning restaurant make this choice a very special one.

Hotel da Bolsa

A close-to-everything kind of hotel with good value for money.

Hotel da Música

There are hotels that are more than just a hotel and this one is sure onde of those kinds.