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When staying in Porto you can find an great list of international restaurants. From sushi to burgers and Mexican food. In Porto you'll find delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Check out the best international restaurants in Porto.

Book Restaurant

Make dining in a bookstore one of your adventures in Porto.

Wish Restaurant & Sushi

You will come for the elegance, stay for the pork with chestnut and come back for sushi.

Bugo Burger

When a good burguer has ever been a bad idea?

Restaurant Casa da Música

Casa da Música is not just a great place to visit but also an amazing one to have lunch or dinner.


While you are at Porto, why not continue the vacation mode and make a little visit to Mexico?

MUU Steakhouse

If meat has always been your thing, you have to go and try to choose from six different types os steaks.