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The city of Porto have an amazing range of good cafes around. You can go to the traditional ones with incredible and historical architecture or the more hip and cool new ones. All with great food, Portuguese pastries and off course, coffee.

See our list of the best cafes in Porto and make sure to take some notes.

Café Ceuta

Opened since the 1950s it is a emblematic place to the city's history one of the only ones still operating.

Café Majestic

Whether you do want a good coffee and a pastry or not, you should stop by and be amazed. Just saying.

Café Vitória

A restaurant for lunch, a bar for happy hour and a café for whenever you fell like it.


A café and a bookstore that opens at lunchtime but only closes at 2am.

Casa de Ló

Morning coffee, afternoon tea, night drinks and Portuguese gourmet products store. You name it, they have it.

Arcádia, Casa do Chocolate

If you're a chocolate lover (and who isn't?) not going is not an option.

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