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48 Hours in Porto

48 Hours in Porto

Do you only have 48 Hours in Porto and don’t know what to do? It’s true, Porto is a city that has a lot to be seen. You could spend a week here and yet find places you didn’t visit! The city is growing more and more each day and that also means that every day there are new and cool places to visit in Porto. But unfortunately, is not always that we have the opportunity to stay that long in a city during our vacation! It is that your case?

So, to make it easier for you, we made this itinerary! Here you will find what to do in 48 hours in Porto! That way, you could see the best of Porto in the time that you have.


48 Hours in Porto – Day 1 

48 hours in Porto


Have some breakfast and start at the to visit Clérigos Tower. Climb the 240 stairs to get to the top that way you can have no regrets about eating that extra Pastel de Nata for breakfast whilst you mesmerize at this incredible 360º city view.

  • Tip: if the day is too foggy, put the tower on hold as you won’t be able to appreciate the view as one should. To compensate, head over to São Bento Station and start your journey there.

If you still need a coffee because you are on vacation and 9:30 am is still way too early, head on to Passeio dos Clérigos, grab a coffee to go and do some window shopping.

With the coffee running, head over to Lello Bookstore and visit one of the most amazing bookstores in the world!  In the same street, you will find A Vida Portuguesa, one shopping spots in Porto that you do not want to miss!

Right in front of Carmo Church hop in the 22 tram and leave at its last stop, Batalha Square. Here, mesmerize at the São Idelfonso Church tiles mural. From there you can spend the rest of the morning between Rua Santa Catarina and Bolhão Market.

By lunchtime, you should go for the famous Farancesinha (choose one restaurant from one of our Top 10 Francesinhas). As for dessert, we would recommend stopping by the stunning Café Majestic for a sweet!


Now it’s time to start descending till you get to the riverside. Pass through the Palácio da Bolsa and make sure to make a guided visit. Then head over to São Bento Station to admire the murals inside. Make your way to the Dom Luis bridge and cross to Vila Nova de Gaia. There you will find all the Port wine caves where you can have a guided visit to get to know all about this wine and at the end have a tasting.

Finish your day with a boat ride as the sun sets!  There are great restaurants in Porto, our advice is after the boat,head over to The Yeatman for an amazing dinner with a spectacular view.

48 Hours in Porto – Day 2


2 days in Porto


Time to take a stroll with the tram again now with the tram 1 that takes a stroll through the Douro River. Leave at Jardim do Passeio Alegre and walk alongside the river enjoying the sun and beautiful landscapes. You can have lunch here in one of the cafes and then make your way to Serralves Museum.


After a delightful visit to the Serralves Museum and its garden, you can head over to Casa da Música for some architectural inspiration. To finish your last 48 hours in Porto, go back to Ribeira and enjoy the sunset! Here, you choose from one of the various riverside restaurants (we suggest the amazing D. Tonho) to have dinner and let Porto convince you why you should definitely come back.

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