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Porto Football

It it always incredible when we get to know a new city in the world and combine that with our passions. So, if you are a sports enthusiast the  Porto football has a lot of great experiences to offer.

The football (or soccer) is kind of a big deal in all of Portugal. The Portuguese are in love with the sport and have a true passion for their teams. All that make the experience of going to one of the games while you’re in Oporto a remarkable one.

The teams

Being that Porto is the second largest city in the country here is the home for one of the most important Portuguese teams in the world. The FC Porto is the main one and plays in all major leagues in Europe like the UEFA Champions League and Intercontinental Cup. The second one is Boavista. They also have a stadium in the city an play all the major championships in Portugal.

Now that you know a little more about the city’s teams, just pick the day and go experience Porto as a local. It will be one for the books!

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