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Porto has an amazing and extensive list of bars. From all the old buildings around you'll find trendy places with amazing food and cocktails. You can find live music, DJs or just a place to have a drink after dinner.

Check out our list with the best bars in Porto.

Maus Hábitos

One of the best places in the city for a lively cultured and cool night out.

Passos Manuel

A cinema, a bar and a disco with alternative music and artsy cool crowd.

O Meu Mercedes é Maior que o Teu

Massive Attack, the Pixies, Placebo, and Radiohead have performed here. Maybe you want to stop by?


A very cool artsy enviroment with a bar and art gallery mix.

Hot Five

A jazz and blues bar with a lot of live concerts.

Hard Club

A completely renovated market that now serves light meals during the day, drinks at night and live concerts on weekends.

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