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Porto has an amazing and extensive list of bars. From all the old buildings around you'll find trendy places with amazing food and cocktails. You can find live music, DJs or just a place to have a drink after dinner.

Check out our list with the best bars in Porto.

Era uma vez no Porto…

Bar/tea house just steps from the famous Lello & Irmão bookshop.

Dick’s Bar

A relaxed and charming ambience inside one of the best hotels in Porto.

Casa do Livro

Used to be a bookstore, now its a cool place to have a glass of wine in the liveliest street of Porto.

Café Au Lait

An amazing meeting place for coffee, night drinks or dancing the night away.

Breyner 85

An old townhouse for the jazz and rock lovers.

Baixa Bar

A drink, a chat, maybe some dancing and you got the perfect place for a night out.

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