Porto has a very rich history and the churches around the city play a important part. Most of them were built in the last two centuries. Now they are an amazing display of architecture and world history. These are the most astonishing churches in Porto for you to visit.

Capela das Almas

A 18th century chapel with remarkable tiled decoration all over its exterior.

Carmo Church

A 17th and a 18th century churches in one place with tile panels and richly gilded interior.

Clérigos Tower

A remarkable baroque landmark that gives a spetacular 360º view of the city.

Misericórdia Church

A rich baroque church in one of the city's most historic streets.

Sé do Porto

A construction that started in the 12th century and it's the city's largest church.

Santa Clara Church

A 15th century church that on the 7th century was transformed to a exceptional example of woodwork and gilding.

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