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Porto has a very young and lively atmosphere and that transpires to it's nightlife. There are a lot of amazing clubs spread across town. You can choose from live music, to DJs. A more alternative space or big parties. If you can count on one thing in the Porto nightlife and clubs is that you'll not be bored.

So take a look at our top choices for Porto Clubs and choose the ones that will make it's way to your itinerary:

Maus Hábitos

One of the best places in the city for a lively cultured and cool night out.

Café Au Lait

An amazing meeting place for coffee, night drinks or dancing the night away.

Opo Club & Lounge

An attractive lounge and also a club with a indoor and terrace space.

Plano B

One of the city's main destinations for live music and DJs.

Tendinha dos Clérigos

A very well-known club at Porto in the liveliest part of town.