The city of Porto has a amazing range of museums. From contemporary art, music and world and city history. Great museums in town with work from artists from all over the world that should make you list of what to do when in Porto.

See all the museums that we selected and you should make some time to check it out.

Casa da Música

A irregular-shaped building was designed by world-renowned architect Rem Koolhaas exclusively for musical performances. 

Romantic Museum

Inside the Crystal Palace Garden, this 19th century mansion intends to recreat the bougeoisie of the time.

Serralves Museum

World-class museum with cutting-edge international contemporary art in a striking minimalist building.

Soares dos Reis Museum

Portugal's first designated national museum founded in 1833.

World of Discoveries Museum

Interactive museum/theme park to go along with the epic journeys of the Portuguese explorers.