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When to go

When to go to Porto

If you are wondering when to go to Porto, we can help! The best time to visit Porto is from late April to September, when it is usually sunny and warm – Spring and Summer time in Portugal, we mean.


Wheatear in Porto

The climate in the north of Portugal is not as “Mediterranean” as in Lisbon or the south of the country. Although here too, thermometers never quite reach freezing temperatures even in winter.

It never snows, but from late autumn to early spring, it can be quite rainy and cold. The clear skies, sun, and warmer temperatures are from late April to September.

  • By the way, one precious tip, bring a good pyjamas if you are planning to visit Porto during the winter. Most houses have no heating and the nights are cold!


Porto Events

It may also be a good idea to plan your trip to coincide with the Saint John Feast in June, 24. It’s when the entire city is at its most festive. Summer is also a great time to visit Porto and enjoy the beaches around and the warm nights in the city.


Cheap trips to Porto

If you’re flying into the city, the best fares will be found from February to April. Or from October to November, when you can easily find cheap flighst to Porto! If you are comming by bus or train to Porto, the price is always the same.

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