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As 7 maravilhas

Not a restaurant, but an eatery that opened its doors in 2013 in the heart of Invicta, this is As 7 Maravilhas. If small meals and snacks are you desire for the night, you should go take a look here.

The small meals are all around the world classics like the Currywurst, Falafel and Goulash. You can also find on the menu a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads. To drink you can choose from 77 all around the world and Portuguese craft beers.


Opening Hours

Wed – Fri

19:00 pm – 12:00 am

Sat – Sun

13:00 pm – 12:00 am

Rua das Taipas, 17C

Around As 7 Maravilhas

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