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Porto Top 10 Francesinhas

Porto Top 10 Francesinhas

If we are sure of one thing, is that you need, and you will, eat a francesinha in Porto. Francesinha is one of the most traditional dishes in the city and became almost a landmark.

The name means little french woman and  no one knows where it came from. But that didn’t make any difference in making the dish so famous. All that is common knowledge is that it was invented by Portuguese emigrants to France that had the inspiration in the French dish croque monsieur.

The true is, if you want to start a disucssion in Porto just ask about “Where to eat the best Francesinha?” to some Locals!


Francesinha recipe

Porto Top 10 Francesinhas

Traditionally, the recipe is thick white bread, ham, linguiça (a portuguese sausage), steak or roast beef and to, literally, top it all of melted cheese and a tomato and (surprise, surprise) beer sauce – and no, it’s not over yet. Some Francesinha restaurants in Porto also put an egg on top and they always come with french fries to eat with the sauce. Some restaurants add some ingredients to the Francesinha, but most cooks and restaurants refuse to reveal their full secret!

So take notes and put those sweatpants in the suitcase because this dish deserves the extra pounds.