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Porto has some of the best tapas restaurants. With all the amazing cheese and salami produced in different parts of the country it's hard to say no. You can never go wrong with tapas and petiscos. In Porto you can try some of the best Portuguese cuisine in these places.

See our top picks for tapas restaurants in Porto.


The traditional tapas from Portugal ritght at the city centre. What is not to miss?

As 7 maravilhas

Small meals from all around the world at this restaurant should be your choice for the evening.

Jimão Tapas e Vinhos

FInish you day with great food and a view of the Douro River at this great tapas restaurant and you will not be sorry.

Tábua Rasa

Flavours from all over Portugal served in a wooden cutting board arranged per request.

Casinha São João

Tapas and cocktails served under big stoned walls and a nice view of the D. Luís bridge could be all you need for the night.