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If you're a vegetarian in Porto you have nothing to worry about. Even though the Portuguese cuisine uses a lot of meat on it's dishes, there are a lot of options. These vegetarian restaurants in Porto have very likely to surprise you with the amazing food they serve everyday. So no excuses to not visit this gorgeous city.

See the best vegetarian places to eat in Porto.

Da Terra

An amazing and rich vegeterian buffet restaurant by day and a weekly menus with cocktails by night.


A white tablecloth vegeterian restaurant that can help you get the true portuguese cuisine experience without the meat.

Em Carne Viva

Vegeterian and vegan recipes based on the most typical Portuguese dishes from francesinha to octopus.

Black Mamba – Burgers & Records

A place dedicated to prove that you don't need meat to make delicious and flavourful burguers with various types of burguers and the best fries in town.


Not only vegeterian, but here you can find vegan and gluten-free menu options that taste amazing.

Árvore do Mundo

Everything homemade is always delicious, so this homemade vegan restaurant could not be any different.